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Reinhard Bonnke announces final African Gospel – Crusade

Reinhard Bonnke, aged 77.

Popular Televangelist Reinhard Bonnke is set to return to African for what he believes will be his “final African Gospel­ – Crusade.”

In November 2017, his ministry, Christ For All Nations (CfaN) anticipates many decisions for Christ in response to Bonnke’s farewell message.

“The Lord spoke to me, that I should go back for one more crusade in Africa. I want not only to see a gigantic harvest of souls, but to pass my burning torch to this generation, Bonnke’s said in a media release by CfaN.

“Recently, I traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to meet with the spiritual leadership there and they gave their unanimous support. I believe God is going to do something I have never seen before,” he added.

Bonnke has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967. Official sources report that he has overseen 75 million recorded conversions to Christ.

During the 2000 crusade in particular, over the course of five nights, 6-million attended and 3.4-million decisions for Christ were made.

John Darku, CfaN’s African director says: “This crusade will be like none we have seen before. Currently we plan to recruit 500,000 counsellors, 200,000 intercessors, a choir of over 23,000 and a security force of over 10 000. There is great excitement from all the churches in the country, and we are expecting a spectacular harvest of people coming to Christ.”

Lead evangelist of CfaN and successor to Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda says: “I’m thrilled to join with Reinhard in this vision, and know that the results of this crusade will be farther reaching and of even greater consequence than we can even imagine.”

Ever since God gave Bonnke a vision for a blood-washed Africa — a continent washed in the blood of Jesus Christ — over 40 years ago, he has been filled with a burning commitment to win the continent for Jesus, says CfaN.

Since then, he and the CfaN team have organised events in Africa that have grown from handfuls of attendees to the winning of over 76 million registered decisions for Christ in Africa since 1987.

Peter Vandenberg, Executive Vice President of CfaN, who has worked alongside Bonnke for over 35 years, says: “Millions in Africa now know the Holy Spirit, thanks to one man’s incredible commitment to a singular God-given vision, and to his forming of a longstanding organisation and formidable team of anointed future leadership around that vision.

“This November, Evangelist Bonnke will enter and leave Africa possibly for the last time, bidding a bittersweet farewell to a continent and people who he very much loves and have been the centre of his life’s mission.”

Additional Reporting by Gate Way News.

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