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Qute Kaye will rise up – Pr Kayanja

FILE: Pr Robert Kayanja. Courtesy Photo.

“As a soul winner, I came to this place very heavy hearted especially when you see what a brother like Qute Kaye is going through,” Miracle Centre lead pastor, Robert Kayanja told Christians during the 77 Days of Glory meeting on Thursday.

“And the Holy Spirit said to me, All things work together for good,” he added.

His remarks came following news of the arrest and detention of Quite Kaye, a popular singer who confessed Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the Church in February 2017.

Kaye – original name Kawuma Ivan – was caught stealing headlights from a car (Toyota Harrier Reg No UBA 482K belonging to a one Jackson Musisi) in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire confirmed this report during a press briefing saying the singer pleaded guilty – and that he asked for forgiveness.

“Maybe he needed to go down that way so that God could get him up, because no rehab could help him. No advice could help. Nothing could help . But I am very sure he will rise up from this. He will come up a better person,” Pr Kayanja said, sparking applause from the audience.

“What he has been taking for granted, he will realize it was God’s grace all along. And so, just pray for him,” he added.

Pr Kayanja warned against judging the singer, and noted that despite the struggles he is experiencing, it is the mandate of the church to continuously pray for him.

“People write to judge, but just help him. He came at a point when he wanted to kill himself.. This was the last leg. It has been a year and a half, he is still alive – still struggling with heavy addictions but that does not stop our love, prayer and our believing in him, because that is what God called us to do and we will keep on doing that,” Pr Kayanja said.

Adding, “Remember that a righteous man falls seven times and gets up again. We believe God is going to help him get up again. This is not the time to give up. It is the time to be there and pray for him. I believe from there now, he will sober up. I know the spirit is willing but the flesh.”


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