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Prophecy: Your future is certain

Prophet Elvis Mbonye. Photo Courtesy of subject.

“Thus says the Spirit of the living God, ‘Do not say in your heart, where shall I go? Where shall I hide? How shall I turn from this?’ The Spirit of the Lord says, ‘I have been with you even when you have not recognized me. I have taken you through things. I have taken you through places. I have taken you through moments that you thought were going to swallow you. But I took you out,’ says the Spirit of the Lord.

‘I shall not cause; I shall not allow a hair from your head to drop. I shall not allow anything to harm you my child. Think not that my future is bleak, for it is bright. Yea even as I have been with you, so shall I be with you. I shall open your eyes to this; that you may see me that yea I am with you and I uphold you with my righteous right hand. Look into the future and see that I am there, that you may know that where I am, there also you shall be. There is no future you have outside of me,’ says the Spirit of the Lord.

I am your future, and even as I am your future, your future is certain,’ says the Spirit of the living God.

Elvis Mbonye.

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Prophet Elvis Mbonye, of the Zoe fellowship gathers Tuesdays at Lugogo grounds, Kampala – Uganda. He has written a book; Tasting the Power of the Age to Come which contains his experiences, testimonies and revelations on how believers can experience God’s supernatural power.

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