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Presidential advisors need screening – Bishop Kiganda

Founder and senior Pastor of Christianity Focus Ministries Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda has strongly cautioned the President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to re-evaluate his advisors and additionally engage with Church leaders “even of it is once in three months.”

“Meetings should be organised in which Church leaders go to the State House, not to listen to the President, but for him to hear from us. The Challenge is, most of the times I have been called to the State House, its only him (President Museveni) that speaks, and at the end, everyone returns home,” he said.

The CEO of Kingdom FM and Television was speaking during a live talk show labeled  “Weddemu.”

His remarks come following recent unrest in Arua where Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi and Mityana municipality Francis Zaake where arrested and allegedly tortured after violence broke out on the eve of the region’s parliamentary by-election, 12th August.

“My simple analysis is that if there is anyone who advised that the presence of opposition legislators, Hon Kyagulanyi and Zaake in Arua led the NRM lose the by-election, misled the government,” Bishop Kiganda said.

“That is very poor analysis in politics. Anyone far sighted must have observed that the by-election was going to be difficult. This goes way back, even before Abiriga was buried. Are you going to tell me that Bobi Wine, Zake were in Arua when residents charged up and vandalised seats?,” he said.

Back in June, hundreds of mourners in Arua were dispersed as police tried to reclaim the bodies of slain MP Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother Saidi Butele Buga that were hijacked from the A-Plus Funeral Service Van.

The youth who according to a local news daily turned rowdy right from the Arua airfield smashed car windows, burnt a motorcycle and injured some passers-by as they carried the caskets aloft.

“Who incited them to break chairs or hijack Abiliga’s body? These were clear indicators that they were difficult residents. With or with out Bobi Wine and Zaake’s presence in Arua, the chaos was unavoidable,” Bishop Kiganda said.

Kiganda explained that if people in authority use unnecessary force to deal with a given case, shouldn’t the President be suspicious that they are after tarnishing his name and directing all hatred from the public towards him?

“There are people within government misleading it. Some of them are working, yet they are enemies to the State. They work with the opposition at the same time, they offer wrong advice tentatively to see the State go astray. We have seen this in every government.

“The president needs to critically look into his people that purport to be on state duties yet seek to destroy his reputation. He should pray that those who don’t like him have not planted their own agents within the government,” Bishop Kiganda said.

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