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Preacher’s remarks on Mowzey’s music divide mourners

Mowzey Radio. Photo: WILL BOASE

Outrage and anger followed Apostle Edward Ssewanyana remarks on how Mowzey Radio lived and maximized his musical gift before he was pronounced dead.

It was on Thursday when media broke the news of Radio’s passing following head injuries he sustained in an alleged brawl 10 days ago: Apostle Edward Ssewanyana a few hours later told online members of Worldwide Apostolic Church that Mowzey’s “gifts were terribly wasted in Satan’s service.”

Social media users, Christian and non Christian, alike who read his remarks responded differently, with majority accusing him of being “Judgmental, unkind and impolite.”

“This is a young man (33 years) whose life has been cut short in an untimely manner and whose musical gifts could have been utilized for Jesus Christ however his gifts were terribly wasted in Satan’s service,” Apostle Edward Ssewanyana said.

“Satan repays his own with destruction. I pray God’s hand comforts and opens the eyes of the friends and relatives of Moses Sekiboogo aka Mowzey Radio. As Jesus said, unless you repent you will all likewise perish and spend eternity in hell without salvation through Jesus Christ alone,”  he continued.

“Rest In Peace (RIP) only belongs to those who sleep (die) in Christ,” he added, quoting Luke 13:1-5.


Facebook user under account name Mark Ambrose Agaba said: ” Jesus never spoke harshly like this to sinners. He spoke harshly to the religious moralizing community of the day. I think Jesus is sad at the untimely demise of Radio. He wouldn’t use such harsh words on Him. I know your going to quote many other verses out of context but the fact remains, God loves sinners and you might find Radio in the arms of Jesus to your surprise,”

“Do know the story of the rich man and Lazarus in the Bible? He wanted somebody to come from heaven to preach to his brothers who were still alive, but he was told that preachers are on earth let them believe the word of God and repent and they will be saved,” Evangelist Richard Conican said.

Tony Businge said, “The Apostle is simply being brutally honest.”

Asiimwe Richard said, “Apostle Edward Ssewanyana, I am born again but your post isn’t Christ like. We are saved by grace not by our own might. What if he had made his peace with God? Think about that one too!,”

‘Left with nothing’

Media described Mowzey’s gospel song, “Walk with Me” as one about searching for redemption, “fitting perhaps for a young man looking for solace in a tumultuous life.”

Radio’s mother Jane Kasubo said her son had been “everything” to her, and his death had left her “with nothing”.

“He always gave me even the little he had. Mowzey Radio always took care of his sisters,” she told reporters who gathered after his death, according to New Vision newspaper.

“However much others knew him as a chaotic man, I knew him as a simple, humble and talented son,”

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