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Praise City Gathering in Kampala to raise an army of worshipers

Guest Speaker Dr. Dennis Sempebwa [LEFT] with artiste, song writer, producer, mentor and vision bearer of the Praise City Gathering, Sami-k [ RIGHT], born Kiggundu Samuel Henry.

Gospel music artiste and producer, Sami-k has lined-up a team of music ministers who have been leading Christians through worship and are excited to do more in these times that we live in.

In our conversation with the singer, it was obvious that his passion and dedication is more than just talk. Sami-k released a Facebook banner recently sharing a word about what God has placed upon his heart, and it certainly resonated with many who long to impact the generation.

Our reporter speaks to him to hear a little more about this mission.

Tell me about the Praise City Gathering? 

This is an initiative of Praise City. It is a monthly gathering which is basically a fellowship once a month where we come to celebrate, praise and worship God and be encouraged.  During the course of the month, we go with the Praise City band to schools, university, churches to inspire, support and encourage worship ministers.

We will be launching on 12 August, then we start our mission. We build the kingdom which is the family of believers and basic unit of society. We raise worshipers through training and inspiration.

What inspired you to start Praise City? 

Well, there aren’t much resources readily available for worship ministers and teams – they are costly. I’m passionate about Worship ministry. God laid Praise City upon my heart a while back and now is the time to launch, have a place to come Worship and experience healing, love, restoration and growth in an atmosphere that is family – The family of believers.

So the only way we can keep reproducing worshipers /ministers is when we go out there and encourage those that have the thirst and hunger for worship and also equip them through teaching and training sessions.

The industry keeps taking the church to the world through artistes but doesn’t develop or really celebrate the worship side of the industry or groom them.

How does the concept of family come into play? 

Family is a big picture. Family is the basic unit of society. We are building a Kingdom Family through the gatherings. If we can touch lives and see healing and transformation in the lives of those who come to the gatherings, then we are beginning a wave of change, love and restoration in the families that they come from directly or indirectly.

That way, we also restore the God place in the family, transporting the worship experience from the gathering back into the daily life style of the different families

What are your expectations for the launch? 

My prayer is that people will see beyond the day to day hustles of life to the place where they can embrace the love of God and who He is to us through communication with him in worship. The team I will come with is a very ordinary team of people who are skilled and passionate about Worship from different churches and music ministries.

How do you intend to meet the gathering costs? 

Well, we will find all this through well wishers and people’s giving who buy into the vision for The outreaches, workshops etc

On outside, we are writing an album and we will go to studio shortly to start on recording. Basically it will be a worship album of songs we will perform and teach those that would like to include them in their Worship set for church etc. It’s with this album that we will raise funds through its sale to be able to support our work and ministry.

Is there a fee one will pay? 

Absolutely not. The gatherings are fellowships of rejuvenation, connection with other like minded believers with the same passion and sharing of what God is doing in our lives and encouragement. Then step out to be the impact and salt God designed us to be.

What is next after 12th August? 

This is a movement that is to grow and go world wide. Honestly it’s huge. I keep dreaming out but God has given me great spiritual parents and mentors that keep supporting and encouraging me.

You are also the vision bearer of ‘Good times’. Is there anything to expect this year? 

Good Times is a fraction of the whole picture God has given and called me to. Praise City meets on Saturdays so we still have the last Sunday to do Good Times. We will return in a bigger and better way after this plane takes off with more people joining the vision and coming on board.

Influential figures expected to grace the gathering at Hotel Triangle, Kampala include award winning artiste Exodus and Dr. Dennis Sempebwa, the C.E.O & founder of Eagles Wings International U.S texas. Dr Sempebwa is also part of legendary gospel group Limit X.

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