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Pr Umar Mulinde’s testimony on leaving Islam inspires U.K

By Paul W Dennis.

Umar Mulinde was attacked by Muslim extremists in 2011, who poured acid on him seeking his death because of his conversion to Christianity from Islam and his progressive gospel preaching that has changed many Muslims.

The father of seven biological children and ordained senior pastor of Gospel Life Church International left the country in August for gospel missions in Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital. He then proceeded to Scotland and London.

In Northern Ireland Pr Mulinde addressed the annual Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention at Hamilton Road Baptist Church whose sole purpose is to promote world mission.

Open to all with no charge, there was a full 9-day programme throughout the day, commencing with morning prayer meetings and Bible teaching, followed by afternoon seminars.

Mulinde has made it his personal goal to train and equip Christian leaders and share practical strategic methods of transforming communities. He is into Christian advocacy, development and care for persecuted believers.

He knows from the Bible according to Genesis 50:20 that God can take a disadvantage, and turn it into an advantage.

Paul writes in Philippians that he was imprisoned for the furtherance of the gospel, and as a result, many of the brethren in the Lord were encouraged by Paul’s bonds to speak and preach the word without fear – (Philippians – 1:12–14)

In a very like manner, Pastor Umar Mulinde shares the message of Christ, with an aim to: “motivate Christians not to be timid in their faith; but to boldly preach the Truth; stand up and be the light of the world regardless of the challenges brought by political correctness and humanism ideology.”

“I was born in a Muslim family. But after hearing the gospel, and having many miracles in my life. I decided to become a Christian.”

When he encountered the dreadful ordeal, one of his physicians said Umar should not have survived the attack.

He lost eye sight in one eye, had facial disfigurement, and suffered a tracheal (or windpipe) injury, among many others. He has undergone many years of painful, specialized treatment in Israel.

“It was Christmas Eve and I was walking out of my church in Uganda and the extremist people met me outside, and they poured a bucket of acid on my face. My face was burned severely, so the doctors took me to India,” Mulinde said. “In India, the doctors told me I had a one-percent chance to live but miraculously God helped me.”

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