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Pr Senyonga warmly receives American preacher, Peter Doseck for P5

Pr Peter Doseck. Courtesy photo.

Peter Doseck is an author whose books have touched countless lives, and he is the founder and senior pastor, along with his wife Pastor Phyllis Doseck, of Only Believe Ministries Christian Center (OBMCC) in Botkins, Ohio – USA.

He arrived in Kampala on 4th October for the Praise, Prayer, Power, Prosperity and Permanent Miracle (P5) revival meeting hosted by Pastor Jackson Senyonga at Christian Life Church (CLC) – Makerere, Kavule.

His first message on day one of his five days at Christian Life Church centered on John 3:14-16; where Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived.

Pastor Doseck taught that those who beheld the serpent on the pole lived, while those who focused on their wounds died. He related this event to our days urging Christians to see Jesus bearing every sickness and pain for them.

“God calls every sinner to look at the cross, but He also calls every person who is stricken, sicken and diseased to look at the cross also. The Cross is not just forgiveness, it is life eternal,” he said.

“Whosoever looked upon the cross was forgiven and healed. God sent His son not to condemn us or punish us. God sent Jesus as a remedy for our sins. God sent us Jesus to free us from the dominion of the serpent over our lives. Jesus is the lamb that came to take away the sins of the World,” he added.

Arising from a dirt floor garage with only one member, Pastor Doseck testifies that OBMCC has grown to stage Miracle Crusades that have resulted in over 2.5 million salvations and thousands of miraculous healings.

He believes says every soul is precious, and this is why he has positioned Peter Doseck Ministries (PDM) to focus on parts of the world that have been left untouched by others, reaching multitudes who have never heard the gospel before.

Christian Life Church has since the beginning of its revival meetings hosted several notable ministers that include internationally acclaimed preacher Morris Cerullo, South African gospel legend Dr Rebecca Malope, Nigerian gospel music singer David Ekene Daniel, of smash hit single “Tomorrow must be greater” among others.

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