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Pr Ngobi: President Museveni puts God first

Pastor Tom Ngobi addresses Journalists.

JINJA. Pastor Tom Ngobi, the lead Pastor of World Revival Centre Church – Jinja has applauded President Museveni saying the 73-year-old puts God first in his life and does not view “mushrooming churches without any value to society.”

Nevertheless, the Preacher’s remarks on Museveni’s stay in office beyond the next set of presidential elections have drawn mixed reactions.

The Daily Monitor on Tuesday quoted Pastor Tom Ngobi as saying the incumbent President would “automatically” win the next elections “if he is willing to contest” because “he puts God first in his life and respects God’s representatives who are the church leaders”.

According to the newspaper, the Pastor’s remarks were made during the Church anniversary celebration, graced by the State House comptroller, Ms Lucy Nakyobe

Mr Museveni donated Shs30million to facilitate the Church’s growth programme, the news outlet reported.

The Pastor reportedly said, the President “respects God the controller of everything compared to his political opponents who are always just looking at us as mushrooming churches without any value to society.’’

Pastor Tom Ngobi thanked Mr Museveni for his continued association with church leaders “who are nearer to God”.

While some Christians have expressed no cause of alarm over the remarks, several others on social media have criticized the Preacher saying “this prophesy was not inspired by God but by 30 million.”

“After seeing 30 millions what do you expect the pastor to say,” social media user under account name Kugonza John said.

Another wrote, “Jesus did not come to keep Museveni in power. Pastor is just wishing the mzeei well.”

This development comes on the sidelines of numerous reports that condemn Church leaders of partisan comments.

Political scientist and retired career diplomat, Mr Harold Acema recently told media “Church as an institution should keep out of partisan politics.”

In January, The Minister of Information, Mr Frank Tumwebaze said,  “I know many religious leaders who feel offended when some of their colleagues openly join the partisan podiums and still want to impose their individual views as for the whole clergy. I hope internally the church gets time to discuss some of this feedback,” Mr Tumwebaze said.

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