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Pr Kayanja’s voice is unsilenceable – Pr Bugembe

Light the World Church – Nansana senior Pastor, Wilson Bugembe. Courtesy Photo.

In his speech at Miracle Center Cathedral – Rubaga during the start of 77 Days Of Glory, Phase 5 on Sunday, Pr Wilson Bugembe said God has raised up an unstoppable army of believers and, anyone who is rising up to fight what He [God] is doing will not stand.

He said that when the devil attacks Pr Robert Kayanja, Christians should understand that this is not an attack on him [Kayanja] alone but, the body of Jesus at large.

His fiery sermon was accompanied by several music interludes where the singer and pastor of Light the World Church Nansana worshiped in songs that included Victory belongs to Jesus, Way maker and My redeemer lives originally sung by Women of Faith among others.

Bugembe noted that some years back, Satan wanted to silence the voice of Pr Robert Kayanja and when 77 Days of Glory begun, people got worried due to the incomprehensible miracles that took place at Miracle Center Cathedral.

“You may not know,” He told Pr Kayanja.”Some thought you were going to die, because you were moving in a dimension that is scary.”

“I asked the Lord and he told me, when the devil wants to attack the church, he doesn’t go everywhere, he is a sharp shooter… he comes here …he knows this is the spring, this is the source. He knows that when I touch Bugembe, maybe the church will not be so affected, but if I touch Robert Kayanja,” Bugembe radically stated.

“The devil knows that Pr Kayanja’s voice drives our AIDS, cancer, burns demons. That is why he has attacked Miracle Center with all of his might…and he lost the battle terribly. He will not silence this voice…We have so many more years of hearing the voice of Miracle Center and Robert Kayanja.” He added. “Where did the idea of 77 come from. The lord can give you one idea. and it drives out the devil never to be heard of again for good.”

Bugembe castigated media reports that in recent years spoke ill of several Pentecostal church leaders.

“They wrote in news papers that Pr Garry is Illuminati, Bugembe is Illuminati, Kayanja too… I stand here and boldly speak that whoever [wrote] all [these reports] – you will never rise again, you and your household.” Bugembe said.

“The devil was busy attacking the true servants of God, recruiting fake ones. When miracles happen, Pr Kayanja, they don’t say it on their TVs. They erect TV stations, take off authentic pastors and bring fraudsters.” He stated, noting that Channel 44 TV is the platform God established amid this uproar.

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