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Pr Kayanja reveals the first miracle he witnessed at 17

Pr Robert Kayanja

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, he resisted. Part of the problem was that Moses felt disqualified. Nevertheless, he took on the task and eventually becomes one of the well known leaders in Israel’s history.

Today, many of us use our weaknesses as an excuse for unbelief and failed attempts to execute what God has called us to do.

At a tender age, Pastor Robert Kayanja says he nearly succumbed to pressure from kids who made fun of him over a speech disorder in which his flow of words was disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds.

I for one was a very bad stutterer, Pr Kayanja says.

“When I was growing up, so many kids made fun of me and even when I thought up a come-back, it would take me a long time to fire back because of the stutter. As a result, I was very quiet and kept to myself most of the time,” he continues.

This, the Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga lead Pastor explains, changed at the age of 17.

“When Jesus visited and called me at the age of 17, the first miracle He did for me was giving me the ability to speak well,” he says.

This was revealed in his latest and 7th book on the Holy Spirit in which he highlights some of the key events of his 37 years of Ministry.

“Our boldness does not come from our own abilities due to inadequacies of human nature, but it comes from the Holy Spirit for it is He who makes up for our inadequacies,” he says. “Today, I could be the most talkative Ugandan in the land. Every single day, I am speaking or preaching somewhere, and ever since the 77DOGs started, I have stood and spoken for up to eleven hours each day. The Holy Spirit expresses Himself through those that could not express themselves well on their own. He uses those who are least qualified for His own glory.”

Pr Kayanja believes there is no one called by God in the entire Bible who did not take up responsibility.

“Taking responsibility requires that one rises to the occasion, sometimes when it is least convenient. It takes boldness to hover over those things that you otherwise would be timid about. Boldness is a key in life. Whether in business or in ministry, at a certain point, you are going to need to rise to the occasion in the midst of unfavorable circumstances. That will have to take boldness. Boldness is the portion of the children of God, for “…the righteous are bold as a lion.” [Proverbs 28:1]” he says.

Pastor Kayanja warns that ignoring the Holy Spirit is what has caused the loss of the Church’s significance through the ages.

“Without the Holy Spirit, Jesus would have been a mere Nazarene. Without the Holy Spirit, Mary would not have been able to conceive or bring forth. The church draws its very purpose and existence from the Person of the Holy Spirit and our victory is all locked up in Him,” he says.

Adding, “The scripture tells us that God gives to everyone the measure of faith, but then it also says that He gives the Spirit without measure [John 3:34]. This means that where we come short in faith – where our faith fails us, we can always rely on the limitless resources made available to us by the Holy Spirit. Being continually filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to take center-stage in our lives and in all that we do will give us more mileage and help us cover so much more ground than our faith could ever accomplish on its own.”

By Staff Writer.

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