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Pr Kayanja receives a letter that foretold the 77 Days of Glory 24 years ago

Man miraculously receives sight during the 77 Days of Glory gathering at Miracle Centre Cathedral. Courtesy Photo.

Pastor Robert Kayanja has received a shocking letter that was written in 1992, addressing what we see today at Miracle Centre Cathedral (MCC).

The letter appeared in state linked newspaper, The New Vision on Saturday, November 14, 1992, written by Born-again Christians from Austria, following a vision they had of Uganda during their fellowship.

This letter, as the Church confirms, addresses what millions of Christians in Uganda and the rest of the world have witnessed for more than 154 days during the ongoing revival meetings at Miracle Centre Cathedral code named “77 Days of Glory”.

This faith-provoking and jaw-dropping deliverance and miracle meeting has been followed actively by over 30 million Christians, on ground and through several other media platforms that include TV and Social media.

Several renowned celebrities and politicians including the head of state, President Y K Museveni and his wife Janet have witnessed the mighty events, and give God the glory for the move of the Holy Spirit in Uganda.

Hundreds of Muslims have turned to Christ, and witch craft burnt as the practitioners confess at the Church altar. All manner of disease has been healed and worrying habits among youth tamed.

“Twenty four years later, God visits our nation with a tremendous unprecedented move of God. This only goes to show that God had this move on his mind from way back, and the days we live in are prophetic and of destiny. Do not miss the move of God in our time.” The Church wrote, through its ministry station, Channel  44 TV

The person who delivered this New Vision letter to the Church pastor recovered it in the Makerere University archives.

It reads;

Sir, we came to Uganda via Kenya on March, 13th, 1992 with many expectations but we are leaving when totally disappointed.

We are Born-again Christians from Austria. During our [revival] fellowships from Austria, we had a vision about your country. We did not know even in which part of Africa Uganda was.

According to the vision, Uganda is a blessed country. God is in Uganda. The lord is doing his final work here in Uganda. Here in Uganda exists a man who is heading this work. Who is Elijah, Moses and hair to David’s throne.

Also the covenant box is supposed to be in Uganda. Ugandans are to be a special race of God, God’s chosen people.

We looked for this man and failed to trace him nor the church he is heading. According to the vision, the man is on the west part of river Nile.

This is no joking matter, we did not save our money for nothing. We were surprised that none of the people we asked knew anything. Neither the pastors we approached.

We therefore request that whomever knows anything about this man or his church or the man him self to contact us at the address below.

Wilhelm Wetzel and Emil Klien

Gallgasse 14-36 Postfach 67 A-1591 Vienna (Austria)

The letter in The New Vision, 1992;

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