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Pr Kayanja launching one million prayer voices

Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga senior Pastor, Robert Kayanja has announced that he is set to launch out one million prayer warriors from all around the world come Easter Monday.

Pastor Kayanja, while speaking to believers on Channel 44 TV on Friday, said intercession is a powerful weapon that cancels evil plans against the nation, Church and establishes God’s plan for His people.

He urged that God has always sought committed intercessors to stand in the gap and raise up a hedge of supernatural protection.

“Sin will over whelm us. They will start kidnapping our kids and demanding money, and kill them – and run out of the country. As a nation we can easily be over whelmed by evil, yet the bible warns against it. How do we do it, we raise the standard. The bible says where sin abounds, grace abounds more. That is why we begun with one million prayer warriors and are launching it this Monday,” he said.

Pastor Kayanja challenged Christians to position themselves in various positions of ministry so as to further the Kingdom of God.

“We have the power of the blood of Jesus and we have been redeemed. Those two weapons will disarm the enemy – In this season of Easter, what are you doing to further the Kingdom of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ. What are you doing to further revival in Uganda – I pray that you will bring prayer into you house so that you are part of the revival that is going to take place in this world today,” he said.

Adding, “Jesus’ resurrection power is still available and alive up to today. We have seen it in the 77 Days of Glory, and event before that, in 49 crusades. For 37 years of Ministry I have seen God do incredible things – The world needs to wake up and embrace the Holy Spirit – And the only way we can do that, is through prayer.”

Regarding Easter, Kayanja said Jesus’ few years of ministry left great impact, and that He made a difference that Adam who lived 930 years never attempted to do.

“He came and died for us, that we may have life. The 33 and a half years that He was really here, He was building a family – dealing with people – He came to Africa and went back to the Holy Land. But in three and a half years He made a difference that Adam who lived 930 years never attempted to do. Jesus gave us hope, faith, love. He gave us the way and truth. He showed us the things that could be done.” he said.

“Good Friday brought us good news, that we don’t have to die for our sins, but can be children of God because somebody took that place for you and now you can be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus,” he added.

By Staff Writer.

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