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Pr Kayanja decries bible illiteracy in Churches

The President of the Miracle Bible College, Pastor Robert Kayanja (In white) with Pastor Edward Lubwama, the Principle of the college (Second right) awarding graduands before a large audience in attendance at Rugaba Miracle Centre – Rubaga. Courtesy photo.

Pastor Robert Kayanja made a call to bible literacy among gospel ministers in Churches as he presided over the 20th Miracle Bible College graduation organised at Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga on Sunday.

He urged that education is from God and that it is important to get understanding by the way of books.

Pastor Kayanja also used the occasion to usher the congregation into the first day of the 77 Days of Glory, phase 8.

“God is a God of books, and he wants people to read them,” he said.

“The bible says you can do all things, don’t deny yourself knowledge. Don’t stave your brain from Knowledge. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and many others where able to change the world because they were knowledgeable. It is important to get understanding by the way of books.  Without understanding, even your revelation will be limited.” he explained.

Pastor Edward Lubwama, the Principle of Miracle Bible College in his remarks said the Church-based institution developed program that accommodates most especially those who got saved during the revival meeting, Pastors and any other gospel minister in various capacities.

“We thank the Holy Spirit for the 77 days of Glory. We have seen major changes in the Bible collage. We have had expansion, increase, growth and many other things in our Programs.  This year, Miracle Bible Collage turned 20 years. We thank the Lord for his faithfulness and keeping us alive as an institution that long,” he said.

“Over the years, our product is undeniably visible, and the work of the Holy Spirit is evident. The transformation of the lives of those who have gone through the collage is the proof of God’s presence at Miracle Bible College. Bible college through the Holy Spirit, has discipled, trained and raised ministers and leaders. We have so many programs running, and others are in the pipe line,” he continued.

“In the 77 days of Glory, we have so far graduated over 600 students, and as we speak right now, we have over 280 in classes. Tonight, we have 176 graduands that have successfully completed programs in leadership and discipleship over 3 months.  This free program has benefited many, and every one and a half months we have a new class,” he concluded.

The Miracle Bible College is part of the Robert Kayanja ministries started in 1998.

The graduates where granted opportunity to share their testimonies, and many attributed their changed ways of life to the knowledge they acquired during the discipleship program.

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