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Pr Joseph and Freda Serwadda mark 34th wedding anniversary

Pastor Joseph and Freda Serwadda.

Pastor Joseph Serwadda and his wife Freda are today, 29th Sept 2017, celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary.

Joseph and Freda have been together for more than 36 years, blessed with children, one of whom (Monica Nalubega) introduced her fiancé Denis Kato at a glamorous event held in Namugongo recently.

Looking back at how many years they have spent together, Pastor Joseph took to social media to commend the wife, and express his gratitude.

The couple leads a more than five thousand strong Victory Christian Centre in the capital, Kampala, with over 500 churches under it’s umbrella, and about four affiliated media outlets across Uganda.

He also presides over a group of Evangelical and Pentecostal pastors and churches under the umbrella organisation, Born Again Faith Federation.

Pr Serwadda, once a teacher at Lubaale Primary School in Kabulasoke, Gomba, studied Journalism, and later named his first-born son, David Martin after a BBC presenter that he admired immensely for clarity of speech and deep voiced Southern England accent.

“I still teach albeit differently, and use communication skills for doing what I do today, evangelism,” Pr Serwadda says.

What Christians have said;

“You are our inspiration, whenever we look at you, we also keep on Keeping on. Thank you mummy you are one in a million, thank you for keeping my ‘kojja’ (uncle) happy all this time..Stay beautiful always,” one facebook user by the name Connie Byonabye Muluuta wrote.

“Congratulations Daddy and mummy, you have set a standard for us to follow, Mummy ‘webale kufumba’, Daddy ‘nawe okoze omulimo,'” Mulondo Daniel said.

Emmanuel Otukeyi said, “Congs and thanks Dr. for not being just a husband to Mummy Freda but also being the best and great friend behind her happiness and success, and so is Mummy Freda.”

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