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Pr Denis Emojong, wife mark 8th marriage anniversary


Pr Denis Emojong, wife mark 8th marriage anniversary.

The two first met during mission, she was blazing and dazzling with the fire and love of Christ, Pastor Denis Amos Emojong opened up on Tuesday.

Unknown to everyone else who saw the supposedly “shy” preacher that time, this encounter immediately triggered off a journey that led to their engagement – and later marriage.

“When she looked at me, her fiery eyes pulled out my heart like a magnet and forever I got lost in her! I didn’t know how to say it; being a shy preacher that I was! But evidence was glaring every where that this girl has taken my heart. I could not believe it when I caught myself proposing to her! As I waited for her response, it looked like eternity,” Pastor Denis Amos Emojong posted on his Facebook page. 

Did Anne immediately say yes to Pr Dennis’s proposal? Apparently, she withdrew to her prayer room, and called the preacher to say ‘yes’ after her 3-day fast.

“Eight years ago she said I do to me before God, the visible and the invisible witnesses!  To this day, I still wonder every time I look at your eyes how I got it right,” Pastor Denis said. “Marrying Anne is the greatest miracle that God did to me after my salvation and Receiving The Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Denis Emojong is the President of Embassy of God Ministries. He attests to witnessing the power of God following his family background of idol worshipping.

“My father was an idol worshipper and we had over fifteen shrines at home,” he said.

Adding: “He used to perform a lot of rituals on us with hopes of getting fortunes in life. Until one day when the demons he was worshipping asked him to offer me to them as a sacrifice. My Dad vehemently resisted the idea and that’s when I suddenly became very sick. I didn’t know about the power of God and so I lost all hope for life

“On that death bed as a result of intense pain, I prayed to God to take my life and not allow the devil to do it, because I knew I was going to die. Miraculously at 6:00AM on 27th April 1996, I saw a flash of light brighter than the sun, and in it there was this so glorious person full of love and compassion – From then I felt currents of Electricity go all over my body. I got instantly healed then,”

The preacher attributes his success story partly to his wife who he says has made numerous sacrifices to accommodate him.

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