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Pr Emojong refutes claims of Bushiri’s Church shut down by Botswana govt

Pastor Denis Amos Emojong (Right in blue tie), the President of Embassy of God Ministries hosted South African based, Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri in Uganda last year in December. On the left is pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Centre Church.

Pastor Denis Amos Emojong who hosted South African based, Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri in Uganda for a miracle and gospel crusade last year has denied allegations that the Botswana Government this week shut down Bushiri’s church.

In a statement shared on his official facebook page, Pastor Denis on Thursday lashed out at local news reporters in Uganda who took up the “fake” report from newspapers in South Africa.

“For your own information Major 1 – referring to Shepherd Bushiri – is the one funding the water project of the government of Botswana. He does a lot for governments in Africa, to lift up the common man. Verify your stories first before joining the bandwagon of rumor mongers and haters,” he said.

A report from the BBC Africa News, also found in the Gazette (of Botswana), alleged that the Southern Africa government confirmed the closure of Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) in Gaborone, reportedly due to concerns over the ECG’s “miracle money.”

Malawi24 reported on Wednesday that Edwin Batshu, a minister in the government of Botswana, explained that the church has been closed because of continued violations connected to fake money, also known as “miracle money,” which is deemed illegal.

As Face2Face Africa explained, the term “refers to the unexplained appearance of money into bank accounts, handbags and pockets of people ‘blessed’ by the ‘men of God.'”

Batshu, according to the BBC, said that no ECG branch will be allowed to operate in the country, though church officials have appealed to the minister against the decision.

Bushiri has over 2.3 million followers on Facebook, and his conferences have been attended by many thousands, including an event on New Year’s Eve that filled Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium.

The pastor this week took to Facebook, stating that he has been receiving countless messages of support in recent days.

“The whole night I was reading testimonies of what God has done to you through my ministry as I promised I would read,” a post on Thursday read.

“I am so speechless because of what I have read, yes, because of God’s power, love and greatness,” the post added. “I prophesy that you will have another testimony in Jesus name!”

A day earlier he wrote in another post: “I just want to read what God has done to you through my ministry whether physical or spiritual. Your testimony will encourage me and many others that, my God, works miracles.

“I will personally read the first 2,000 comments to see what God has done for you. The joy of a prophet is when his ministry is changing people’s lives through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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