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Pr. David Kiganda, NGO Speak out on Pr. Augustine Yiga Saga.


Pastor Augustine Yiga.

On Friday, Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Christian Church in Kawala appeared before the Executions Division of court on accusation that he had refused to pay monthly maintenance fee of Shs150,000 to a woman he allegedly raped and fathered a child with as she had gone to be prayed for.

He denied the allegations and produced before court a payment schedule that he has been making at Nabweru court as proof until July, 28 this year. Deputy Registrar Muse Musimbi declined to cancel the warrant saying Yiga had not given any satisfactory reasons for court do so.

On the same day, there was drama at Court as journalists raced around when the pastor tried to run away from cameras.

During an interview with media reporters yesterday (Saturday 24th 2015), Pr. David Kiganda of Christianity Focus Centre Kisenyi said that he was alarmed regarding who grants such individuals licenses to begin operating. He stipulated that this incident is one he was so concerned about saying that much as it is not within their power as pastors to issue any license, it is the responsibility of the government to ordain eligible pastors who seek to set up new churches.

He also cautioned Christians to be vigilant regarding their leaders and during instances where one notices that the pastor’s actions might be divisive, worshipers should immediately report to concerned bodies and be helped.

On the other hand, General Speaker of the Uganda counseling association warned religious leaders more so pastors who are using counseling to their own advantage yet it is meant to be used by well equipped and trained individuals. He also urged the government to intervene by apprehending and taking necessary action against all individuals found guilty of such acts.

As published by WBS, Magie Kayima who is commonly known as “Nabbi omukazi” also gave her remarks saying, ” It seems Yiga is possessed when it comes to women, he wants to sleep with almost all the the women that come to his church for prayers and deliverance. He does not care whether the women are married or not and he gets most of these women pregnant. This is what forced me to exit his church”

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