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Pr Cindy Kiganda: Marriage shouldn’t kill your potential to achieve more in life

File: Pastor Cindy Kiganda (L) with husband, Pastor David Livingstone Kiganda (R) of Christianity Focus Centre – Kisenyi, a suburb of Kampala. Courtesy photo.

Pastor Cindy Kiganda, wife to Pastor David Livingstone Kiganda of Christianity Focus Centre – Kisenyi has made a call to Christian women not to suffocate their potential to achieve more in life after marriage.

Pastor Cindy said this at Worship House Nansana where believers gathered for Justine Nabossa’s ‘Next Girl Champion’ conference under the theme; Girl with a destiny.

Using Exodus 2:1-10, Pr Cindy explained how the preservation and preparation of Moses as a youngster happened when his mother sensed “something special about the child” which prompted her to hide him for three months.

“Moses’ parents could not allow the King to kill him. Who is your Moses? It can be your virginity or education – Can you protect your Moses? Don’t give your Moses to every wind. Fight for your Moses. Fight for you destiny. It doesn’t matter what comes your way,” she said.

She urged Christian women to stand out from others, and never feel intimidated when they fall trying to achieve something good.

Pr Cindy explained that if Christian women don’t have any goals to achieve, it is easy to become complacent in their relationship with God, and their husbands.

“What is it that is in you that makes you different? Discover your self. You cannot simply offer your husband sex, and that is all. A woman must be one of many things. After sex, what can you offer? What do you have?” she questioned the audience. “Invest in your future. Go and study. Improve on your skills.”

“Champions are not made in a day, they are made out of time. The bible says; although a righteous person may fall seven times, he gets up again. I have come for a man/woman who has ever been down, who people under-looked, mocked, rejected, and laughed at because of a mistake – I am here to tell you, we have a God of a second chance – We are history changers, and makers. We are generational builders,” she said.

“A woman must have wisdom. When you speak, people must not get tired of listening to you. You must be outstanding in prayer, smartness,and thinking. Everything about you must be wow. When you open your mouth to speak, the devil must flee,” she added.

Pr Cindy said she has a campaign labelled ‘yes you can’ where she urges ladies to invest in themselves.

She explained: “If it means going to school,.go and study. Have a life before a man. Someone of you think marriage is business. Without a man you cannot pay rest, buy your own shoe? What are you doing with your life. Challenge yourself. Set a goal for your self. You will get married, however minus marriage who are you? Some women once they marry they stop thinking. What makes you different from other women?”

Other speakers at Justine Nabossa’s ‘Next Girl Champion’ conference included Pr Wilson Bugembe, main stream singer Mesarch Ssemakula, Betty Nakibuuka among others.

By Paul W Dennis.

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