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Pr Bugingo wants Arch. Cyprian Kizito to intervene in bible burning claims

Bujingo, pastor of House of Prayer church in Makerere, Kikoni five months ago was at the center of public debate when religious leaders criticized him for allegedly burning and ordering the burning of all Bibles that contained the word ‘holy ghost’. Courtesy Photo.

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has asked the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga to gather a specific group of young believers from the catholic church who he says are being used by Presiding apostle of the Born Again Federation, Dr Joseph Serwadda to constantly indict him for ‘bible burning.’

He said this during a prayer meeting at House of Prayer ministries, Makerere- Kikoni this week. Pr Bugingo castigated Dr Serwadda claiming that he uses the Catholic faithful in his games intended to have him [Bugingo] appear guilt before authorities on bible burning allegations.

He asked Archbishop Cyprian to intervene and use his authority as leader of the Catholic Church to warn the  young believers because “they are being used to fight battles they are ignorant of.”

Elsewhere, Dr Serwadda on Sunday morning hosted the duo that successfully dragged Pr Bugingo to court through Wameli and Company Advocates last month.

Matovu Aloysius Junior Kizza, Evangelist Francisco Semugooma together with their lawyer, Counsel Anthony Wameli Yeboah explained how they were prompted to go to court and contend that the alleged actions of Bugingo are an attack and insult of all Christians who believe in the Bible.

“Is the video available showing that bibles were actually burnt,” Dr Serwadda asked Matovu Aloysius, “It is,” he replied.

Dr Serwadda asked again, “You sued a pastor who is known to have been your friend, you actually worked with him on one radio station for long. How did you fall out. Because even before running to court, you could probably have taken him aside for talks over the matter?”

Matovu Aloysius said he fell out with Pr Bugingo due to “Conflict of principle”.

“The was you handle things is different from how I do it. We will not be able to stand on mutual grounds. One time at Bat Valley, the auditorium had flocked with people, some were even at the entrance. I told him; do you see all these people, they have issues and that’s why they are here. When you go to the pulpit, preach the gospel, drop conflict talk where you quarrel with other preachers. By so doing, you are disappointing these people.” Mr Matovu said.

“He did the contrary. That is where conflict begun . He stopped coming to my programs that used to air on Dembe FM where I used to host him for over an hour.. He said, what he used to do is what would increase sales, fame and make news.” Mr Matovu further asserted.

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