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Pr Bugingo criticises bridal showers, wedding rings

Bujingo, the arch pastor of House of Prayer church in Makerere, Kikoni two months ago was at the centre of public debate when religious leaders criticized him for allegedly burning and ordering the burning of all Bibles that contained the word ‘holy ghost’. Charges against him over this controversy were later dropped by Nabweru Court. Courtesy Photo.

Renowned pastor, Aloysius Bugingo of the House of Prayer Ministries International has said bridal showers are satanic and that organizing one is an act of immorality and adultery.
He has also said there is no way one can critic those who worship images when he/she has ‘welded metals’, referring to wedding rings.

Bugingo, who was recently in the public domain over his controversial interpretation of “Holy Ghost” made these remarks while speaking on a live Salt 107.0 FM program, ‘Emisingi,’ this week.

He emphasized that the debate is not on Christians being joined into holy matrimony but “on the metal you put on that replaces God.”

“Is there someone with a scripture that says “it is the ring that joins together,” He wondered when Mark 10:9 which says “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” was read during the program.

“What deters those who call them selves elders/leaders of churches and fellowships from going back to the bible. Marriage is becoming hard,” he said.

“Like we have always been marauded, there is a spirit that came from foreign countries – that people have not yet done thorough research on, called ‘Bridal Shower’.  ‘Bridal Shower’ is a satanic ritual, It is an act of immorality and adultery,” he said.

“When satan wants to bring something , he brings it gradually but at the end of the day you take it all. Right now [Bridal Shower] is about giving out gifts, but soon it will shift to the later. That is how we embraced ‘Valentine’,” Pr Aloysius Bugingo urged.


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