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Popular USA Christian reggae band brings a message of hope to Uganda

An international Gospel reggae band that started in USA and spreads the message of hope and salvation globally to approximately 20 countries per year has found its way to Uganda.

Worship House, located in Nansana, a suburb of Kampala on Wednesday hosted members from the Christafari band comprised of men and women from various continents, countries, and cultures.

The essential goal of Christafari, the group revealed at the church, is to promote Christianity to all people; including Rastafarians.

The group was also scheduled to appear at Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rugaba this week, but this website learnt that they will not, for reasons unconfirmed at the time of compiling this report.

With Pr Wilson Bugembe as the interpreter, Mark Mohr, the group lead vocalist and founder shared his testimony with hundreds at Worship House. The event run under the theme; Good Samaritan Day to commemorate Bugembe’s birthday, with multitudes of homeless,  orphaned children in attendance.

Raised in a Christian family, Mark strayed from his spiritual upbringing during his teens and turned to drugs, alcohol and even growing marijuana. After having an undeniable encounter with God at a youth camp just before turning 18, Mohr re-committed his life to God and took what he now calls his “Freedom Step out of addiction.”

At that point, his greatest desire was to help others step out of the same bondage that once entangled him. He felt God impressing on his heart to start the first gospel reggae band in America .  Selecting a name from the Latin derivation of the Greek New Testament word Christafaroi, meaning a group of people who represent Christ, two weeks later this fledgling band was birthed at a camp talent show.

“Jesus is waiting for you with his arms open,” Mark told the congregation.

Not only does the band travel the world proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through reggae music, but they’ve also set out to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They try to find and fill a need in each country they visit, such as outreaches in trash cities and slums, serving at orphanages, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and ministering to those whom Jesus called “the least of these.”

Other members of the band include; Solomon Jabby (Guitars), Jennifer Howland (Backing Vocals), Obie Zachary Obien (Lead guitar),  Avion Blackman (Bass), Tyrone Rudulph (Drums), Ryan Skiles (Key board), Danny Ramirez (Trombones) and Matt Murdock (Trumpet).

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