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Pomp as Power 104.1 FM unveils John Marie, Andrea Presson

Andrea Presson (L) and John Marie (R). Courtesy photos (joined).

Gospel musicians John Marie and Andrea Presson performed several of their powerful-packed songs at the 9th edition of ‘Power FM Presents’ that took place at Watoto Church in Kampala, on Thursday.

It’s the crowd response and the artists heartfelt ministration at the Church that really set the evening apart.

“This is more than just a show,” Watoto church Pastor, Brian Abaho said.

Earlier speaking to this website, officials from the faith-based station said ‘Power FM Presents’ is not a concert, but a mentorship programme for artistes. Aside its popular event Phat Fest that gathers several artists, ‘Power FM Presents’ is intended to showcase one music minister at a time.

The mentorship program includes a study of the basics of music, character, doctrine, finance, God centered branding, music industry and ministry, media and public relations.

First on stage was Andrea Presson whose music has captivated most especially the youth across the country.

For Andrea, who from the tender age of 7 (seven) while in the UK passionately enjoyed sharing her faith, the ‘Power FM Presents’ platform was a seasoned opportunity for her to minister and also share a story of how God has seen her through various issues.

Andrea started serious recording when she was 17-years old with a desire is to awaken youth to an experience with Jesus.

“I feel like a whole new person now,” she said at the event.

On the other hand, John Marie started his music journey in 2014 after finishing studying sound Engineering in Amsterdam.

He returned in Uganda in 2015 and started up a recording studio in Makerere, a neighbourhood in the city of Kampala.

He is a Musician who plays several music instruments, vocalist and a know song writer. Since his return in the country, Marie has recorded one album in his studio and it includes his chat-topping single, Nsiima, featuring Lary Chary.

Artists that have been mentored before include Jackie Senjonyo, Morgan Isaac, Mac Elvis (RIP), Sseku Martin, Zabuli, D’Reign, Coopy Bly, Robinsan and the Canaan Gents.

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