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Pomp as gospel star Caroline Bu’dhwike recounts 27-year music journey

Caroline Bu’dhwike has been in active music ministry since 1991. The number of songs and ministry opportunities she has received in the last 27 years are simply breathtaking.

Her music has repeatedly been played on various local radio and TV stations, and to help Christians in Uganda – especially the younger generation – understand where God brought her from, Caroline on 8th July organised a music concert at Muganzirwazza, Katwe in Kampala.

From the start of an astonishing career as a recording artist, Caroline Bu’dhwike is a legend – at least in the minds of many of her supporters. Over the years, the bible-based themes on many of her albums are not just relative to what she has experience as an individual, they’re extremely broad.



Whether she’s talking about reliance on God in the midst of hardship, troubled marriages, the hope of heaven, praise and worship or prayer, it’s open season on pretty much anything and everything.

Caroline ministered through many of her all-time favourites including ‘Tukusinza’, ‘Tukuwekitiibwa’, ‘Sonyiwa’, ‘Sitaogopa’, I love you, Old Rugged Cross among others.


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