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Police confirm Gilbert Bwana arrest, charges

UgCN’s Andy Gavi speaks to the Assistant superintendent of police Bwana Gilbert .

Police spokesperson, Mr Asan Kasingye has confirmed the arrest of Assistant Superintendent of Police Arinaitwe Bwana Gilbert after he was indicted in a rape case.

Authorities said Friday that Bwana allegedly raped a teenage girl in his vehicle at Nakawa, a Kampala suburb.


He reportedly exchanged telephone contacts with the girl at CID headquarters in Kampala where the girl had been taken by her mother to be counselled on her unbecoming sexual desires that had affected her academic performance, Daily Monitor reports.

This story comes days after an exclusive interview Bwana had with UG Christians News this week. The Assistant superintendent of police openly shared about his relationship with God and alleged pastoral duties, career, divorce, health and more.

He explained that he is not a pastor, “though I may preach the gospel. But preaching the gospel does not make me a pastor. Those are two different things.”

On alleged mental illness, Bwana said most of the stories that surfaced on social media were geared by detractors.

“The public needs to know that no body chooses to be sick. Sickness should never be used to stigmatize of defame anyone.  I have very many Frantz that were attacking my life using social media. Some people were close, family and stuff. But truth of the mater, I have never been in Butabika.” He said.

Watch the Video for the interview in part.

 By Paul Dennis.

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