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Pastors Makumbi, Namutebi invade Iganga with a miracle crusade

Liberty Worship Centre lnternational Lugala founding pastor, Imelda Namutebi in Iganga district this week. Courtesy Photo.

Iganga, a district in the eastern region of Uganda saw thousands flock the Railway grounds in Igamba village where Liberty Worship Centre lnternational Lugala founding pastor, Imelda Namutebi convened with other preachers of the gospel for a week-long miracle crusade.

Running under the theme “Iganga for Christ,” Imelda Namutebi was on Thursday joined by Bishop Patrick Makumbi of International Gospel Healing Centre, Lweza.

The duo, joined by several other resident leaders within the region and its outskirts, shared the gospel from 5pm till late, praying for the sick and edifying listeners with testimonies. This crusade and conference started Sunday 22nd October, 2017

Pr Makumbi described Imelda Namutebi as a woman who has stood the test of time and has not put down the banner for Jesus.

“She has raised it, that is why she is here in Iganga,” he stated.

In his sermon titled, “What is impossible with men, is possible with God,” Pr Makumbi majorly preached from Matthew 17:14-21.

“We have tried so many things – many have tried sorcery, prostitution and other things, but they have not achieved anything. There are sicknesses doctors have failed to offer diagnosis and that medical machines have failed to assimilate. But whatever it is, God has denounced it… He is taking it away,” Pr Makumbi said.

“He is a God who heals, delivers and remembers his people. He has remembered Iganga! When you are faced with a given situation, you can decide as you will –  you may resort to consulting with witch doctors or refuse to go to born-again churches for prayer, but when you have tried all that you could, I want you to remember that there is a God unto who all things are possible,” he empasized.

“He [God] formed you in his own image and cannot be defeated by any situation. He can pave a way where it is not, heal leprosy, HIV/AIDS, cancer, lift the poor from the ashes to dine at the table of royals. God never fails. We call Him the unfailing God. We have seen doctors, sorcerers and many more defeated, but Jesus fails not. He moves mountains, lifts valleys, takes away what failed – this is the Jesus we are bringing to you today,” continued Makumbi.

Pr Imelda said Uganda is in her days of revival and called upon congregants to stay committed to God. She was quick to refer to 1 Kings 18:1, a scripture that speaks of  the 3 ½ years of no rain, following a prophetic declaration by Elijah.

What kind of power is this which keeps the rain from falling, Pr Imelda wondered.

“The same Word that was with Elijah, walks with you today. Whatever you shall bind, will be bound and whatever you shall loose, will be loosed,” she stated.

This is the second crusade Liberty Worship Centre lnternational has had in the same region. The first one was held January 3-10. The ministry has this same year staged miracle crusades and conferences in Busia, Masaka, Mubende among other districts across Uganda.

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