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Pastors Kiwewesi, Namutebi pay tribute to Apostle Kamba

FUNERAL SERVICE: Remains of South Africa-based Ugandan evangelist, Apostle Paul Kamba at Kansanga Miracle Centre on 12 February, 2018.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi of Kansanga Miracle Centre and Imelda Namutebi who heads Liberty worship Centre,International have joined other Ugandans to pay tribute to South Africa-based Ugandan evangelist, Apostle Paul Kamba.

The 40-year-old succumbed to serious gun shot wounds sustained from suspected armed thugs who attacked his church, Destiny Midwife Christian Centre, on February 4, 2018 in Edenvale, a town on the East Rand in Gauteng – South Africa.

“His legacy shall be carried on in Jesus’ name,” Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi said as he presided over the funeral service for the deceased at Kansanga Miracle Centre on Tuesday.

Pr Samuel K, a brother to Kamba expressed shock over the untimely death of the Apostle.

“He hasn’t been my Pastor alone, he was my brother,” Pr Samuel said. “I was with him almost every day for the last 5 years.”

“There are so many questions that do not have answers yet. The last time I spoke with the Apostle was Saturday – a day before the shooting. We were to have a joint celebration service in Florida, but on my way that Sunday, received a call from someone who said the Apostle had been gunned down,” he said.

“It has been a difficult moment since then, and it is by your prayers that we are still standing,” he added.

Pastor Imelda who spoke on behalf of the Pastors at the funeral service, described the deceased as a man of excellence.

She explained that Apostle Kamba welcomed everyone regardless of their nationality and race.

“His congregation had people from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Whites among others. I wondered the grace upon his life and exalted God for it.” she continued.

News of his death saddened me, Pr Imelda added.

“He was fast a church usher, he became a pastor, by the time he departed, he was an apostle,” Pr Kiwewesi said. “This was his assignment, he has played his part, now you that is remaining, don’t forget to accomplish the calling and purpose of God upon your life.”

During the attack in which robbers asked for money, the Pastor is said to lifted his arms and shouted ‘in Jesus’s name, fire!’

“A lot of people heard him shout that, but thought he was praying for someone,” Ms Sindiswa Maseko, the spokesperson of Destiny Midwives Christian Centre told media in South Africa earlier.

She added: “Seconds later, two gunshots rang out, prompting scenes of panic. One of the bullets hit the floor, while Kamba was struck by the second in his abdomen.”

There was a life celebration service and viewing of his corpse in South Africa on 11 February, 2018.

According to the Church release, he will be laid to rest at Jami – Mbale, today at 4pm.

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