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Pastors attend training classes to earn heavily from coffee business

Pastors in Kamuli district this week attended a 2-day training session to enable them start growing, earn heavily from coffee business. Courtesy photo.

Church and Ministry Development together with the Sustainability Department of Celebrate Hope Ministries have conducted a two days coffee training with Pastors in Kamuli District, Eastern Uganda.

This training delved deeper into the coffee knowledge and skills needed to grow, harvest and sell the highly demanded product at both local and foreign markets.

This event was organised on the heels of the 7th Annual Coffee Farmers’ Day where all the coffee farmers on Celebrate Hope Ministries various programs and other stakeholders come and share key achievements and how to advance in the coffee production cycle and value addition.

“It was a practical session and the pastors planted the first seedling. They are very excited and we are glad this is happening,” Celebrate Hope Ministries (CHM) said in a statement.

Last year, the Ministry commissioned a coffee factory, and since then they have bulked over 50 tons of coffee for the families in different districts including Rakai, Kamuli.

“Coffee is a commodity that will always have market but if it is not harvested, handled, packaged well, then we might loose the business. Because of that, as a ministry, we decided to be facilitators in this business. that is why we purchased a full machine, to help farmers when they bring their coffee,” Mr Fred Sekyewa, the lead Pastor of CHM said during the Global Renewal Summit at Gaba Community Church.

“Our Coffee is continuously ranked best Robusta in Uganda,” he said, adding that their efforts have helped widows and orphans survive.

On top of seeing Children in the locality get sponsors from abroad, the Ministry empowers coffee farmers with loans to help them boost their coffee farms for better performance and increased production.

This was through the Sanje Rakai Celebrate Hope SACCO. This development has boosted education through enabling many acquire loans that can send children to school without excusing themselves on financial grounds.

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