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Pastor finds newborn baby abandoned at church

Baby Jaiden Tumusinze abandoned at Church.

Security official are searching for the parents of a baby who was abandoned at a Church in Kawaala, a Kampala suburb.

The Pastor who found the youngster, identified as Jaiden Tumusinze, told Police that he was found helpless in a basin at the Church’s doorstep.

He alerted police at Kawaala and the baby was taken to Sanyu Babies’ home as the search continues.

This safe house for abandoned Children was founded in 1929 and is currently housing several babies in old buildings that urgently need a touch-up, according to the orphanage officials.

“We are in need of funds and support. The number of children keeps rising every day with little support,” they said.

“We rely on support from the church [Namirembe diocese] and well-wishers.” they told the New Vision.

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