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Pastor distributes food to Muslim community in Rakai district

Pr Jamil Sekyanzi reaches out to famine hit communities in Rakai district. Courtesy photo.

Jamil Sekyanzi, the senior Pastor of Great Commission Church – Maganjo and Great Commission Church – London has mobilized resources to visit Muslim dominated areas facing devastating levels of food insecurity in Kisaana village, in Kiweeka Parish, Lwamaggwa Subcounty, Rakai district.

Pastor Sekyanzi revealed on Saturday that through the Sekyanzi Foundation, his team took delight in feeding most especially the elderly and privileged families in this district.

“We fed the entire village of Kisaana [which is] dominantly occupied by Muslims,” he said.

“Only our God is love – elders prayed for us every kind of blessing as they were dying of hunger,” he stated. “We shall continue to preach practice gospel.”

This visit comes months since the church supplied rice and posh to families suffering from hunger in Masaka district, Kisaana, Namasavu and Kabale district.

The Church’s act of compassion triggered Christians on social media as many commended the group for caring for communities irrespective of their profession of faith.

Social media user under account name Sharpe Hunks said, “Thank you pastor Jamil for putting smiles on their faces and may the good lord bless you and your households beyond measure. That’s the true gospel that we should be preaching because people no longer wants only words but practical gospel,”

“I [would] like to congratulate Sekyanzi Foundation for what they did, this showing that they are not discriminating people. May God bless you,” Maiko Andrea said.

Peter Nsubuga said, “Feeding the hungry is the heart of God.”

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