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Parliamentary Chapel rendered ‘holy’ again

The Archbishop, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga prepares to conduct the cleansing ceremony of the Catholic chapel which has not been operational since the December invasion by strangers. Courtesy Photo.

A Top Catholic official has visited the Parliamentary Chapel to conduct the cleansing ceremony. The Chapel has not been operational since allegations surfaced that ‘strangers’, who were later identified as security operatives abused the worship place by eating and excreting in it last December.

This happened as legislatures tabled a report on the controversial age limit bill, now passed into Law.

At least eleven (11) legislatures on Tuesday, including the Leader of Opposition, Winnie Kiiza, spared time off Plenary to welcome Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who presided over the cleansing ceremony.


Following the consecration, Christian faithful are now free to use it for worship again.

“These allegations troubled us because as you all know, the chapel is a holy place of prayer. So, to eat and also do other funny things in it is something beyond our imagination,” Lwanga said in December, declaring the venue unholy, and instructing the Chaplain of the Catholic Chapel at Parliament, Reverend Father Phillip Balikuddembe to investigate the incident.

By Staff Writer.

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