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Outraged Christians block Oyet from Church

Julius Oyet.

Founding Pastor of Life Line Ministries International, Julius Oyet who recently led hundreds of Christians to Parliament so as to petition the Speaker over the controversial age limit bill, failed to step foot in Church over the weekend.

His appearance at Life Line Ministries – Soroti, a branch of Life Line Ministries –  Kampala located at Mbuya-Kinawataka was foiled by outraged Christians over claims that he had come with police to pick Church titles, reliable sources report. Oyet was ridiculed and locked out.

This chaos came following the early resignation of their area pastor, Bishop James Israel Tukei who hardly spent a year in office.

“We are dismayed that in our struggle to construct this church, there was no penny advanced to us by people from the headquarters. But today, they want to get hold of the land titles of this beautiful Church we constructed in a struggle,” one believer told media reporters.

The believers removed the foundation stone and “Lifeline Ministries” signboard from the Church building, and also vowed not to yield to Peter Oyet leadership.

“We shall not relent to let our church fall into dirty hands, we shall not relent,” Ms Christine Akello, a Church elder remarked.

Julius Oyet told sources that since 2016, he has pushed for mediation between the Soroti congregation and the Kampala Church headquarters but in vain until he was shockingly replied with a resignation letter from the Soroti bishop.

Julius Oyet neither denied not accepted the allegations brought against him by the Christians, noting however he would respond after meeting Church leaders.

“My coming here was to sit, speak and pray with my children. I am not for a fight. But if there is a devil in the Church, you fight it using the word of God,” Apostle Oyet said. “I did not come to Teso to punish Bishop Tukei. What a fool would I be to destroy what I have raised? I didn’t come to receive his resignation letter, but I painfully received it,” he said.

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