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‘Nsiima Festival’: Christians united to give God all the glory for 2018

Sengendo JohnMary. Courtesy Photo.

By Our Reporter

The first-of-its-kind thanksgiving celebration is coming to Kampala this weekend.

Labeled ‘Nsiima Festival’, the celebration spearheaded by gospel musician and producer, Sengendo JohnMary and Youth Extra Ministries, seeks to unite believers from all walks of life for a special thanksgiving on 9th December at the Uganda Museum.

The night of December 31 is celebrated nation wide as the dawn of a new year. But before this happens, JohnMary believes every individual has gone through some experience, good or bad, for which they ought to give God thanks.

Before we petition God on behalf of the nation for 2019, the well known vocalist believes there is a lot God has enabled us to accomplish already in 2018. 

“I believe there are many people God has helped, and some probably take it for granted and think it is normal,” JohnMary said during an interview on one faith-based TV station.

“Let us first thank to him for everything he has done for us this year. Nsiima Festival will be organised every year for people to simply turn up and give thanks,” the singer said. 

JohnMary’s music journey started in 2014 after finalising studies in sound Engineering in Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ capital. 

He then returned in Uganda In 2015 and started up a recording studio in Makerere Kikoni. In 2016, he recorded his first album dubbed ‘The Nsiima Album’ featuring a Famous Ugandan Artist Lary Chary.  The album included hit single ‘Nsiima’, which brought him to the lime light. 

“I actually believe God gave me that song, to usher in an initiative like this. (refering to the Nsiima Festival). This festival could probably make no sense had this song not been released. I believe it was a stepping stone,” JohnMary said. 

In 2017, JohnMary organised a charity concert  at the National Theatre in Kampala to raise funds for his young sister Zawedde Josephine who was born with a congenital heart defect.

Following the initiative that saw well wishers contribute cash amounting to 30 million, Zawedde was able to receive specialised treatment in India.

“‘Nsiima Festival’ will also be a platform upon which I will thank God and every individual who turned up and supported Josephine to receive treatment,” JohnMary said.

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