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Not making disciples is abuse of Christ’s authority

He is passionate about leadership and serves as a certified trainer for John C. Maxwell. Moses Mukisa and his wife Sarah are the founding pastors of Worship Harvest. The church runs a school, a business and an institute to train and equip leaders. Courtecy Photo.

We often deal with the subject of the power and authority of Jesus Christ that has been given to us and the significance of living in it.

Jesus made this promise in Matthew 16:18 when he said to Peter: “The gates of Hades will not be able to withstand or withhold the advancing church.” He further explained how this authority upholds the great commission addressed in Mathew 28:16.

Pastor Moses Mukisa of Worship Harvest Church – Naalya told hundreds including Church planters, senior Pastors and worshipers that attended the 2017 Renewal Summit at Gaba Community Church that discipleship is the only sustainable way to multiply kingdom impact and societal transformation.

He said there is a clear difference between disciples and believers, noting that just because one came forward and said the sinners prayer, doesn’t mean he/she is a disciple.

“I stand by my world like it was a Chemistry formula, discipleship is the only sustainable way to manifest the Kingdom of God in the world… How many of you got saved to escape hell? It is not enough to escape hell. Our role is to make heaven manifest… Jesus has given us all authority to make disciples. The only way for this authority to take root is if we make disciples.” He said.

“If you use this authority for anything else other than making disciples, you are abusing it. Anytime I’m using the power, authority of God outside the context of making disciples, I’m abusing it. If it is healing the sick, it has to be in the context of making disciples.” He urged listeners, quoting Mathew 28.

Pastor Moses Mukisa’s take on the great commission in Mathew 28 might differs from what you have probably been told in church.

“Jesus does not say go and make disciples in all the nations – In my bible, scripture says; go make disciples of all nation. Which simply implies that all the nations should be disciples of Jesus Christ. All the nations should be following after the life and pattern of Jesus Christ. Not people in the nation – Abraham had a personal relationship with God, which eventually became a national relationship – All of Israel had a relationship which came out of that covenant that came out of Abraham.”

Pr Mukisa taught that Jesus wants to be one’s personal Lord and savior, but not only that, he wants to be the nation Lord and savior.

“If the 120 in the upper room [on Pentecost] had a different mindset, we wouldn’t be here. How did 120 people become 2 billion. And who tells you now it is 2 billion, we need to move in reverse to a few thousands. Paul had a vision for the whole empire. And they went – it look 250 years of sorts – 120 people had become half the Roman Empire.” He said.

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