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Nigerian evangelist pulls down prophesy in which he predicted a Hillary Clinton win

Nigerian preacher TB Joshua deletes prophecy of Clinton win.

Nigerian preacher TB Joshua deletes prophecy of Clinton win.

A prediction by influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidential election has been removed from his Facebook account.

Mr Joshua told his congregation on Sunday that he “saw” a woman winning.

After Donald Trump convincingly won Tuesday’s vote, visitors to the preacher’s Facebook page noticed the prophecy had been removed.

Evangelist TB Joshua, whose Church is the headquarters for Ugandan based prophet Samuel Kakande of the synagogue Church of all nations, is one of Nigeria’s best-known and influential evangelists – and is popular across Africa.

The US election prediction was broadcast on Mr Joshua’s TV channel Emmanuel TV, which an individual uploaded to YouTube.

A section of that “prophecy” was posted on the preacher’s Facebook page but is no longer available.

“Ten days ago I saw the president of America with a narrow win… What I frankly saw was a woman,” it said.

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