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Newlyweds urged to reconcile their differences

Pr Robert Kayanja on 25th January 2018 presided over a Mass Wedding at Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral – Kampala.

While presiding over a mass wedding at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral on Thursday, Pr Robert Kayanja urged the newlyweds to resolve their conflicts successfully, and grow more deeply in love with each other than they had ever been before.

He said the expression of affection is one of the most important ways God has ordained to nurture love in marriage, thus encouraging the newlyweds to always greet each other with a physical or verbal affirmation of love.

Pr Kayanja, who doubles as CEO of Channel 44 TV, said lack of open communication jeopardizes a marriage.

He added: “The problems in marriage mount because couples don’t spend time together.”

He appealed to the newlyweds not to lose their joy over inadequacies and external attacks in marriage.

Spice up your marriage, he said, later using his marriage with Pr Jessica Kayanja as an illustration.

“We stood together, even in the midst of the attacks. She has loved me and I love her.” Pr Kayanja said.

“You action today speaks thousands that; Africa believes in marriage between a man and a woman. You are sending out a very powerful message, not rhetoric, but with actions. Heaven will count it on you. In the midst of changing issues, you have chosen to stand for Jesus,”

Pr Kayanja labelled the celebration as an “East African mass wedding” saying the couples present were of diverse nationalities , some from Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi among other countries.

Pr Kayanja attributed the popularity of the 77 Days of Glory partly to Christians who are not afraid to share the gospel, “People willing to lift the banner of righteousness.”

“We are grateful for the freedom of worship, I will never stop talking about it. We were not a people 30 years ago. We were not regardless as a serious. But the ‘Balokole’ movement has become very strong.” he said.

He taught the importance of ‘wedding rings’, attributing the misconception and controversy on this subject  to poor translation among other factors.

“You don’t wed the ring. A ring is a sign to affirm that you have married,” he said. “Forgive and forget your partners mistakes. Marriages and families are under serious attack. We must do things that shows that marriage is good and the righteousness of God.”

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