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New Watoto Church celebration point launching in Entebbe

Gary Skinner is the visionary and passionate Team Leader of Watoto Ministries including the dynamic Watoto Church, which he founded together with his wife Marilyn in 1984 (officially established) in the heart of Uganda’s war torn capital, Kampala.

A Watoto Church celebration point will be launched in Entebbe on Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018.

The well known ministry which runs under the tag line “celebrating Christ and caring for the community” confirmed this development recently saying the mega launch will see multitudes who reside with Entebbe, Kitooro, Nkumba, Kisubi, Kawuku among other areas gather for services.

Soon after the launch, the church will usher believers to a huge beach party powered by 104.1 Power FM.

Entebbe has an estimated 69,958 residents and is perhaps best known to many as home of Entebbe International Airport, the main airport of Uganda, which was first opened in 1929.

In March 2017, the Ministry vision bearer, Gary Skinner revealed that as Watoto Church, their dream is to have a total of 36 celebration points in the next number of years.

“We are 12 celebration points right now, but our dream is to plant another 24 over the next 12 years. So that we have 36 celebration points,” he said.

“Our dream is to see over a hundred thousand people coming to Church on Sunday, celebrating Christ so that more of us can be apart of caring for community,” he said.

“As a church we want to get more involved in building schools, getting businesses started that will create jobs, work on poor housing or low income housing and medical centers throughout the community,” he continued.

“We are planing an education system; A Watoto education system that will have some of the best education system in Uganda. We plan on starting 10 or 12 of those schools in the next 10-15 years,” Gary Skinner said.

Gary was born in Zimbabwe to missionary parents and is a fourth generation preacher. Gary has pastored in Canada, in Zambia, and in Uganda. He is a father of three children and grandfather of four.

Formerly Kampala Pentecostal Church, Watoto Church is a cell based, community church with over 24,000 people gathering each weekend to celebrate Christ and 2,900 cell groups that meet in homes each week.

By Paul Wasswa Denis.


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