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Natalie Grant’s tumor surgery: ‘Everything went perfectly’

(Photo: Facebook/NatalieGrant)Natalie Grant sits in hospital bed after undergoing thyroid surgery, Oct 10, 2017.

American Christian singer, Natalie Grant popular for hits including  I will not be moved, Held among others is doing just fine after her thyroid surgery to remove tumors, her husband, Bernie Herms, has revealed.

Bernie provided a health update to Natalie’s fans via social media recently and told them that everything “went perfectly.” He thanked everyone who prayed for the successful surgery which happened Tuesday.

“Hey everyone – it’s Bernie, Natalie’s husband,” he wrote. “She is awake and her surgeon said everything went perfectly. Hallelujah! God is faithful and kind. [Thanks] for your prayers. We are so grateful for your love and support. We will update with news as we receive it.”

Grant’s fans continued to share their prayers and well-wishes after the post, and many praised the Lord for taking good care of Grant in the hospital.

Grant expects to hear results from her doctors this week.

Before having the surgery, Grant asked the church for prayers and admitted that she was a little afraid of what will happen.

“These are more than just fans to me,” Grant said in a statement. “I have an army of prayer warriors around the world who have rallied with me many times through the years, and I know this time will be no different.”

“But my faith in God is bigger than my fear. That doesn’t mean my fear goes away. It just means I’m not letting it be in charge of my mind. And I always remind myself who is in charge, anyway. GOD IS! In charge, in control, and He is holding us, shielding us, protecting us and fighting for us. Sometimes my fear tries to tell me what to do, but then I remember that Christ’s power in me is bigger than any stupid fear,” Grant said.

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