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My prayer is that we ban waragi, says MP

Hon. Lamwaka Margret decried of the danger that waragi has caused in Kitgum district during a plenary sitting on 7 February 2018. Courtecy Photo.

Kitgum District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Lamwaka Margret has decried the serious dangers that waragi has caused in her constituency, appealing to fellow Legislatures  to consider a total ban on its consumption in Uganda.

Hon. Lamwaka made these remarks on Wednesday during a plenary session, warning that there is an increase in students dropping out of school simply because they begin drinking at an early age.

My prayer is that we ban waragi, she said, also stating that “the alarming issue is that men are not functioning.”

“These sachets are being banned in the world, its unfortunate that we are dill-dallying,” Hon. Kiwanuka Keefa (Kiboga East MP) said.

Member of Parliament for Ruhinda North, Hon Tayebwa Thomas suggested bringing waragi manufacturers into taxable brackets, noting that by increasing price, waragi will become less accessible.

Hon. Kamateeka Jovah (Mitooma District Woman MP) said that most Bodaboda accidents are associated with waragi since its easy to pocket sachets.

A sect of lawmakers suggested that government stops the importation of sachets by July 2018, and also halt local production by September.

In her submission, Hon. Amelia Anne Kyambadde said the Uganda Alcohol Industry Association petitioned her office in March 2017 and reported their challenge in endeavors to comply with the “Enguli Act” directive.

The Act provides for the regulation of the manufacture, licensing and sale of ‘enguli’ and for other purposes connected therewith.

Minister Kyambadde promised that an amendment to the Act will be presented to Parliament before end of 2nd Session of 10th Parliament in May, after the amendment is approved by Cabinet.

In October 2015, members of the Gulu District Local Council tabled a draft by-law that seeks to control the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

This followed a petition signed by more than 10,000 residents who were demanding that the district authorities should formulate an ordinance that makes it illegal to sell and consume waragi packed in sachets.

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