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Museveni should have groomed his successor by now, says Bishop

President Museveni. PPU photo.

Retired bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese, Rt Rev Dr Obetia Joel Samson says Mr Y. K Museveni has successfully defeated and destroyed his opponents (both within and without) that NRM has no successors to the President left.

The Cleric notes that this has prompted the remaining leaders in the ruling party to resort to the politics of survival. These remarks are contained in an article the retired bishop, who also doubles as an academic at Uganda Christian University Mukono wrote in local news daily on Thursday.

“Such a system where nothing happens unless the big man says so, is inept, corrupt and expensive,” he said.

Dr Obetia claimed by this time, the President should have completed grooming his successor “- not one, two or three – but many! No wonder in NRM, nobody seems to know who is who and where north or east is when the President is away,” he said.

Dr Obetia pointed out that the Opposition, largely, is the debris of Mr Museveni’s defeat and crush policy. He nevertheless termed him [Museveni] as a good a leader.

“It is clear that the NRM, and most of our newer political parties, have not metamorphosed into parties of ideas than parties of personalities. They are dead without the founding leaders because they are built on personalities and, therefore, are political cults. For the NRM without President Museveni, most of the leaders are unelectable unless they hang on the hem of the President’s coat,” he said.

Dr Obetia said he do not mind amendment of Article 102(b) of the Uganda Constitution to lift the Presidential age limits, “however, what I detest is the spirit in which it is done. This country has been crying for electoral reforms and smooth transfer of power since independence,” he noted.

“Does the age limit Bill have to come through a private member for Uganda to see the light as to where we are heading? Why this frenzy of activities over the Bill when there is a minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs? I think the minister for this docket needs to resign for being idle,” he said.

Rev. Obetia in his article wondered why NRM keep saying amendment of Article 102(b) is not about President Museveni.

“If it were not for him, why did he not call the NEC and say – this is not about me, it is about Uganda, amend Article 102(b) for the benefit of Uganda. Why did NRM wait for the President to go away so that MP Raphael Magyezi could table the Bill as if it had nothing to do with him? Why go through a private member (though legal) as if you were a common thief trying to gain access to a home through the small gate?” he said.

“If, however, it was in the President’s heart, why didn’t he come to Ugandans and say “I am asking the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to draft an amendment on the age limit because I have some unfinished business” and Ugandans could see whether or not to give him?” he continued

“Such an approach would be transparent, and such transparency would have rid us of this expensive venture (Shs13 billion for MPs consultation), the running about, tear gas, beatings and making the Parliament a spectacle of barbaric behaviour. Worse still, the amendment has become a party matter when the Constitution is not a party, but a national matter,” he concluded.

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