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MP Kyagulanyi praying clergy continue standing for the truth

Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photo.

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has appealed to religious leaders not to shy away from addressing issues of truth and justice in the country but with boldness continue standing in these times he has called “perilous.”

He has expressed gratitude towards clergy “who have courageously confronted the evil forces on the pulpit”  and prayed that God will give them the boldness they need.

Popularly known as Bobi Wine, Kyagulanyi has called for unity and noted that his efforts are beginning to pay off “as more people gain consciousness and confidence to think and act for their country.”

These remarks are contained in his end of year address to Ugandans posted via his official social media page on Sunday, which he started by appreciating God for all the blessings of 2017.

“Although it has been a very difficult year for most of our people, there are definitely things to thank God for. I condole with those who lost loved ones and wish those who are unwell a quick recovery,” he said.

“In the year 2017, our nation continued to face enormous difficulties. We witnessed some of the worst forms of crime and insecurity. Gruesome murders of prominent personalities, murders of women around Entebbe and other places and of course so many other citizens whose murders went unreported!” he said.

He decried the state of Uganda’s education system, and said that many Ugandans still leave in extreme poverty and unemployment.

“Our doctors have been on strike over poor working conditions. So have judicial officers and prosecutors. Our men and women in uniform continue to earn peanuts and to live in dilapidated structures while they hold expensive guns and riot quelling equipment,” he said.

He was quick to address the passed controversial Constitutional Amendment Bill, which recommends the lifting of the age limit., now awaiting presidential approval to become a law.

“Our Parliament which spent almost half of the year bickering over the Age Limit Bill passed it in total disregard of basic constitutional principles – when you look at the amount of money spent on this Bill and compare that to how many things that money would do for our citizens, you cannot help but wonder what kind of people manage our affairs,” he said.

Kyagulanyi’s call to religious leaders to continue standing for the truth in the country comes days since the government spokes man accused them of spreading hate speech when they condemned passing the Constitutional Amendment Bill in their Christmas address.

Speaking to NTV, Opondo said religious leaders should know Uganda is not a theocracy.

Kinkizi diocese Anglican Bishop, Dan Zoreka, is amongst those who have made an impassioned plea to the president not to sign the Bill into law.

However, according to sources, it will come as a surprise for the president not to assent to the Bill, which he has publicly vouched for opening that good leaders in Africa should not be restricted from serving their citizens by Constitutional provisions.

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