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Miracles sweep across Soroti, Gulu as thousands embrace the gospel

Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon in Soroti District.

As Christians across the globe prepare to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a gospel crusade that started in Gulu, and now in Soroti District has seen multitudes experience a move of the Holy Spirit proceeded with miraculous healing and deliverance.

Pastor Denis Amos Emojong of Embassy of God Ministries together with Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon, The president and founder of Christ Love Ministries International, Rhode Island, USA are presiding over the major sideline crusade.

Announcing the gathering in several regions across the country, Pr Denis said they hope to win more souls to Christ.

“The primary reason we conduct crusades such as this as Embassy of God Ministries is to reconcile men to God,” they said.

Their expectation will not be cut, God is faithful, the ministry said on arrival to Soroti Sports ground yesterday.

Addressing the congregation, Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon said,  “Anything is possible tonight. Your case is possible. You have to have the possibility attitude tonight. Every witchcraft that has done on you is over, every curse that was placed upon your family is over. I have come with good news from heaven. Every witch doctor, witchcraft is under your feet tonight. The devil is defeated. Anything is possible. Jesus said all things are possible,”

He continued, “From tonight, you will begin to grow and expand in all sides. If you have HIV, paralysis, blindness begin to think all things are possible. A leper once came to Jesus and told Him; “Lord, if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.” Tonight, His goodness is coming to you. Sickness is very possessive, When you are sick, the devil steals your money, time, relationships and everything valuable to you. The sick become lonely because they cannot be with people. But tonight Jesus has come. Anything is possible tonight.”

Soon after that, an elderly lady initially supported by crutches came forth and testified to having been miraculously healed. Another man after that.

“When you decide you have had enough of your own sickness, you can break out in your miracle too,” he said.

In Gulu, Kaunda grounds, Embassy of God Ministries reported that there was deliverance for those that were in bondage and needed healing.

“Some had broken backs, paralyzed, large growths in the body that dropped off, deaf, dumb, blind etc,” they said.

With a ministry spanning over three decades, Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon says he has traveled over 80 nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He says the uplifting message he brings has ministered love and healing to a hurting world. He also urges that his insight into the realities and power of the Gospel makes the Word of God come alive to the hearers.

Dr. Charles is a television show host and also an author and philanthropist. His background includes extensive training in engineering, computer science and business administration.

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