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Miracle Centre Cathedral on Qute Kaye’s state of affairs

FILE: Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga aerial view. Courtesy photo.

News of Qute Kaye’s arrest on Thursday come as a heavy blow to believers country wide who witnessed his confession of salvation in February 2017.

Formerly a Muslim, the singer gave his life to Christ at Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga at a point in his life he described as being “close to nothing.”

“All I wanted was to come to church,” he told believers then.

Kaye – original name Kawuma Ivan – was today caught stealing headlights from a car (Toyota Harrier Reg No UBA 482K belonging to a one  Jackson Musisi) in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala. Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire confirmed this report saying the singer pleaded guilty – and that he asked for forgiveness.

The arrest, the Daily Monitor reported, happened after residents who made an alarm, attracting crowds to the scene.

This development has since cause raised eyebrows over the 77 Days of Glory meeting that saw Qute Kaye saved, with various individuals and media houses reporting varying issues that might have led the singer to the unexpected incident.

“Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral together with my Pastor Robert and Jessica Kayanja have done their best to help Qute Kaye – I am a witnessed this myself,” Mr Peter Karuuta, with authorization from the Church spoke to UG Christian News on Thursday.

“Pastor Kayanja gave him rent arrears worth 700,000/ = every month. He was given a Mitsubishi car (pajero) of which he sold. He was given a platform to record and perform his music free and thought this could make him busy in church to forget all about the way he used to live,” Mr Karuuta continued.

Karuuta purports that the church has been doing its best to take care of Qute Kaye,  “as a son and as a brother to the millions of believers.”

He added: “I have seen Kaye being helped by the church to forget the life he has been living before knowing christ. He [Pr Kayanja] has been given school fees for his son for over 1.8 million shillings every term. A lot of cases have been happening even on ground of Miracle Center Cathedral including theft cases but they have been patient with his salvation thinking I’ll be better in a long run.”

In his submission on the matter, Pr Samuel Balaggadde of Remnant Ministries – Mukono says there are many Christians and non Christians who seem to get wrong what happens and what they ought to do once they are Born-again.

The opportunity to have a relationship with God and gain salvation is open to all, he says.

“A person who is born again is one who believes in Christ and has accepted Him as Lord and Saviour. Him being Lord mean that you begin to live a life that is controlled by Him as instructed in the Bible. We work out our salvation by going to the very source of our salvation—the Word of God—wherein we renew our hearts and minds (Romans 12:1-2), coming into His presence with a spirit of reverence and awe.

“Your choice is to allow Christ to live in you and He will make the change. Every command that is in the Bible you choose to obey and by doing so you allow Christ to change your life into his likeness.

“The Bible is our daily manual for life. It teaches us to pray, to fear The Lord, to love other people, to fellowship with other believers, to obey His commands. When you choose to depend on the Bible you are making a choice of allowing Christ to effectively change your life the way God desires for eternity,” he says.

By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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