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Minister buys Mujungu’s gospel album at half a million

Honourable Minister of State for Finance David Bahati buys a copy of Patricia Mujungu’s new album on March 30 at Garden City – Kampala. Images: @BRINTEBRIAN

Honourable Minister of State for Finance David Bahati has commended gospel minister, Patricia Mujungu and bought a copy her latest album at half a million Ugandan shillings.

This was during the Red Sofa Sessions gathering at Garden City – Kampala where Patricia Mujungu premiered her new Video, ‘He Is Here.’

Hon Bahati said Patricia’s music is authentic and that she has committed to supporting Uganda’s National Prayer Breakfast organised by Parliament annually.

“Once in a while she comes and sings for us, but above all, she is a phenomenal woman. And she has authentic music,” the minister said.

The event run under the theme ‘Phenomenal Woman’ with panelists Rev Can Diana Nkesiga, Pastor Sarah Seggane, Pastor, counselor and life coach Unia Kiima among others.



“I believe we are all created in God’s image – women and men. We are all equal. The bible actually balances it, but many people tend to read it half way – they refer to where the bible talks about Women submitting – but the same bible talks about Men loving their wives. So, can you suppress somebody you love? Can you oppose somebody you love? God was very careful the way he did his things,”  Hon Bahati said.

“Over time, most of the challenges we are going through with women issues are man made. We have cultural and economic barriers. All of us must work around bringing down these barriers. That is why for us in government, for any ministry to pass a law, budget, it must certify that it is gender and equity sensitive,” he added.

Patricia started her music career is 2009, and is popular for the Urban African /afro fusion style of music. She has in the past released songs that include; ‘I love you’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Make it with you’, ‘Tolindekaho’, ‘I believe’ among others.

In 2017, Patricia Mujungu started a teaching, mentoring class for church music ministers.

“He is Here is a song about the compassion and unfailing love of God in our lives that is always available for us no matter the circumstances around us. The inspiration was drawn from Mathew 14:14 (And Jesus went forth and saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion towards them, and healed their sicknesses),” he said earlier in an interview with UG Christian News.

By Staff Writer.

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