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Minister Bahati meets preachers, warns against misleading sermons

Hon David Bahati with Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda at Christianity Focus Centre Church Kisenyi.  Courtesy photo.

State Minister of Finance for Planning, Hon David Bahati warned against misleading sermons while addressing preachers at the 23rd Annual Ministers Conference organized by Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda at Christianity Focus Centre Church Kisenyi.

The week-long conference under the theme ‘Get out of Korah’s Tent’ inspired by Numbers 16:24, started 22nd July 2018, and gathered various ministers of the gospel from urban and rural areas across Uganda.

Hon Bahati urged congregants their role includes preaching deliverance to the captives thought God’s uncompromised word and emphasized that “church business is serious business.”

“We who are followers of Jesus Christ and we who have a duty to keep the church going and growing must respect some rules and guidelines,” he said.

Adding: “They were set forth by God in the Book of all ages, through prophet Isaiah where he said; the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor – that is rule number one – He has sent you to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,” he said.

Hon Bahati said Uganda needs God fearing parliamentarians to push God’s agenda, and offered advice on how politics can turn out to be a ‘good game’.

“Sometimes people say that politics is a dirty game – it is dirty because you allow dirty people there – If we all mobilize and have good people in politics, then it ceases to be a dirty game. I want to encourage you to participate in decision making to have God fearing people in this sphere of life. We need God fearing people to push God’s agenda in the decision making to determine the destiny of our country,” he said.

He urged that broken heartedness is not a physical condition, but a condition of spiritual exhaustion that comes from the trying experiences of disappointment.

“We are dealing with broken marriages, parents who are disappointed with the behavior of their children. People who are heart broken because they have not got Viva cards to go to some obscure land perceived to have more opportunities than our own country. People are heart broken because they have lost their loved ones.

“Sunday after Sunday, week after week, Year after year these people come to God’s Church with broken hearts. They need a word of hope, and the church has an answer. If the church does not have an answer to these people then it should not be called a Church. The Church is the source of truth about the facts of life. We must tell people that Good Friday is a fact of life as Easter is

“We must tell our people that when trials and temptations unfold, when the burden of disappointment takes a toll on their shoulders, they have a place where they can come and roll it over,” he said.

Hon Bahati said that the Church has a higher purpose of dealing with man’s ultimate concern, and added that it is not a social club as some people want to think. “The Church is not an entertainment centre. If you want to be entertained, you know where you can go,” he said.

Hon Bahati in his 15-minute speech expressed delight in attending the ministers conference.
On his part, Bishop Kiganda said Uganda needs more Born-again Christians to talk up parliamentary roles. “May be that will reduce the too much praying we do for everything,” he said.

“Have you ever known that someone with authority can resolve something that would take a whole year of prayer. Someone strategically positioned in a place of authority can make a decision that would save you from a whole-year prayer. It is my prayer that Christians; please rise and go in those places where decisions are made to save us from too much unnecessary prayers,” he said.

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