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Minister Bahati engaged in a prayer and soul winning walk

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA – Finance state minister David Bahati was one of hundreds who attended a prayer and soul winning walk in Kampala organised by The Living Word Assembly Church as it commemorates its 13th anniversary.

The Church is led by Pastor Benjamin and Charity Nebechukwu, both missionaries from Nigeria.

The prayer walk comes months since the born-again Church went out of its way to donate 1200 litters of paint towards the renovation of Central Police Station (CPS) located along Buganda Road in Kampala.

The building also doubles as the Kampala Metropolitan Police headquarters.

David Bahati, who is the Chairperson Organising Committee of the annual National Prayer Breakfast, flagged off the walk on 17 Nov, and believers were seen singing gospel songs of victory, praying and handing out banners during the trail that commenced along Lumumba Avenue in Nakasero.

In his recent remarks, Pastor Benjamin said many people are prisoners in so many ways be it economically, physically, emotionally or mentally.  He explained that some people were born into captivity through their generation line or others led themselves into bondage through their lifestyles.

The prayer walk was one of many initiatives the Church hopes to see the central business district experience freedom without limit.

At a tender age, growing up in Nigeria, all Benjamin (in image above) wanted was to be a business man. He went on to study marketing at Anambra State University, Nigeria.

As a successful business man who traversed the world, he thought that was the ultimate in life. Until one day, “God literally arrested me and asked me where I would go after this life is over.”

“I then sought God with a ravenous fire, an exhaustible passion and unrivalled humility,” he said. “God in His mercy chose to use me as a missionary and pastor of The Living Word Assembly in Kampala Uganda also known as the Living Word Church.”

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