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‘Many are falling prey to deceivers, manipulators’

Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga senior Pastor, Robert Kayanja says that it is Man’s natural desire for supernatural fulfillment however, this quest has led many believers to deceivers and manipulators.

“Some people are willing to travel long distances in quest for the supernatural, yet most of the time, the places they go to have no solution,” he says.

He further reveals through his 5th book on the Holy Spirit that the Church of Jesus Christ needs to go deeper into the Spirit realm to provide solutions and to be able to satisfy this longing among congregants.

“People who are working wonders simply allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their lives and their spirits to be quickened (made alive). God is not surprised by people making wonderful discoveries. On the contrary, He wonders why it took them so long,”

The Channel 44 team leader and 77 Days of Glory host says Church leaders should purpose to teach Christians how to yield to the Holy Spirit in their lives everyday.

“The things of a man are known by the spirit of that man, who is also directly connected to the Spirit of God. If only people would be taught how to draw from the Holy Spirit via their born-again, recreated human spirits, there would not be many confused believers today, because they would easily be led by the Spirit of God via their own spirit who knows all things pertaining to them,” he says.

Pr Kayanja says when he handed the keys of the ministry over to the Holy Spirit on 18th September 2016, the life of God kicked in.

We have a new life now and a new lifestyle…We have made so much progress as a ministry all within the period of one year,” he says.

Addressing the controversy surrounding the prophetic gifting,, Pr Kayanja refers to 1 Corinthians 13:9.

“Prophets, do not know all things about a person! They only know in part and prophesy in part… The Spirit gives understanding to everyone that sets their heart to get it. We should therefore fully avail ourselves to the Holy Spirit because He is the One who quickens our spirits and causes the deposits in us to flourish. If we do not yield to Him, then we miss out on the great deposits in us,” he stresses.

“If those who are born-again do not yield to the Holy Spirit, then we will end up having to pay dearly to use the knowledge He has given to other people, yet it was first made available to the children of God. We should always keep in mind that God is the Source of wisdom,” he concludes.

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