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Man guilty of misusing church funds names himself Bishop

On 19th December 2017, he was relieved of official Church duties together with four others after a Diocesan Tribunal found them guilty of misconduct and misuse of church funds.

Rev Jonathan Kyangasha has now started his own church under the Episcopal World Wide Church, named himself Bishop, and has urged the other defrocked Church leaders and priests to join him. His Church is in Bukuku, Kabarole District (Fort portal).

Kyangasha, who was an Archdeacon and College Tutor in Ruwenzori Diocese, was in December last year sacked by the Bishop of Rwenzori Anglican Diocese Rt. Rev. Reuben Kisembo, who after investigations, cited sections of the Canon Law that empower diocesan tribunals to try priests and deacons on matters of ecclesiastical misconduct.

Kyangasha famed Rev Kisembo’s actions “unfair,” saying they did not follow the right procedure in handling their matter.

Christians react to the report

It is becoming the order of the day for many to form own churches after being dismissed from their parent churches on matters related to leadership, conduct among others.

“I vividly remember when Bishop Reuben Kisembo pardoned [him] and brought [him] back to church ministry. It’s beyond reasonable doubt that he had reneged from due Anglican church principles. Tell us, what spiritual message do you espouse? -We continue to pray for you for divine intervention. Probably may be at later stage you will reform and seek for God’s guidance,” Mwanguhya Kadama said.

Hannington Bahemuka, who was in 2001 consecrated Bishop by the Archbishop Dale Howard from the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church claimed, “People simply think within the “box” of Chuch of Uganda (COU) and they can not see how many people God has called and used outside the COU,”

“My only burden is with the highly educated brothers in the Church of Uganda who can not explain to the flock that the Church of Uganda is not the only church of God. Jesus had hard time to explain if He was the Messiah as the Pharisees wanted Him to have their approval first. Paul had difficult time convincing the apostles that he had been called to preach the gospel,” he purported.

“It is difficult or even impossible for the world to understand when God calls a sinner to show forth the praises of Him who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light (1Peter2:9). People want God to call His servants by their standards yet God,” he added.

Tusiime Annet said, “I would suggest that we humble ourselves before God than fighting his will . I’m sure if I was to be met by people who saw me 15 years back in the world ,they would strongly tell people how am a good agent of Satan because then I did such things… But God’s love is sufficient enough for all of us,to an extent that tomorrow he can pick a traditional doctor and change him to his messenger.I mean you who is shouting at one time Reverend was expelled then forgiven , you are being too young and naive about God.

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