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Man claims to be “God and Father of Jesus Christ” live on Air


A gentleman is claiming to be the Lord God mighty, just a few weeks after reports came out about a man in United States with a similar claim.

This gentleman says that much like God, he is the one talked of in the bible; he is the creator of the whole creations, right now in physical flesh.

“My mission here was to fight the Demons and the Satans.. Only that I am free, when am in heaven, the voice changes to a loud one and the color also changes,” he said in part to Shawn, Tattu and Ramesh of the dream breakfast, a program that is always live on 91.3 Capital FM.

The dream breakfast, throughout the live radio segments, presenters entertain, inform and help those with relationship problems. It was this week that they received this unanticipated call.

Listen to the Conversation

A number of commentators have pointed out to Matthew 24:5 in the Bible, which states:  “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” – Photo (Courtesy) – Tattu, Ramesh and Shawn of the dream breakfast.

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