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Lighthouse TV founders mark 64 years of marriage

Pastor Bob and Joy Nichols, founders of local Christian broadcaster, Lighthouse Television.

Lighthouse Television founders, Pastor Bob Nichols and his wife Joy Nichols are this week celebrating their 64th year in marriage.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1954!

Several Christians took to social media on Monday,6th August 2018 to commemorate their anniversary with heartfelt congratulatory messages.

Through Calvary Cathedral in Fort Worth – USA and Lighthouse Television (LTV) whose network coverage goes beyond the Capital Kampala, Pastor Nichols and Joy are said to have touched the lives of thousands of people with integrity and outstanding character.

Congratulations to Pastor Bob and Joy Nichols on 64 years of marriage! We hope you have many more happy years together,” Calvary Cathedral said in a statement.

Not only does Pastor Nichols use the blessing of Calvary Cathedral to reach out to residents in Uganda, he is renowned for his stewardship to other ministers, which has earned him the title “Pastor to Pastors.”

Earlier during his visit to Uganda in 2017, Pastor Bob said LTV is not after making financial gains in the country but broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis.

“We have invested in Uganda because we believe in her till this very day. I could tell you all the challenges we have been through in the years, but when your faith is in God, when you realize that “I don’t have much but God has everything,” all things are possible to them that believe,” he said then.

“Christian television is not easy. We have invested several million dollars and we thank God for the privilege . Contrary to people’s belief, some [may] gain from Christian television, but that’s not what we came to do in Uganda, we are not here to make money, we are here to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he continued.

“The answer to Uganda becoming greater is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel of Christ is the gospel of love, compassion, healing. The true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is a helping gospel, loving gospel, team work gospel if we all pull together and seek from God to do,” he concluded.

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